2017 Symposium at Verde Valley School

2017 Symposium at Verde Valley School

Sustainability in Schools Symposium

Each year we offer a free conference for Arizona educators. Learn how your school or program can apply best practices to integrate sustainability into your school operations and classrooms. Get eight hours of professional development and healthy lunch.

microloan for sustainable entrepreneurship

Are you teaching your kids to be sustainable entrepreneurs? We have a microloan to provide them up to $500 in start up capital. They prototype and sell their inventions and pay back the loan plus a small fee.

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SUstainability in Schools Game/Simulation

Use this card game to learn what sustainability projects make good business sense and build a two-year plan for your school.


For an overview of Education for Sustainability (EfS), watch the 20 min video of expert, Jaimie Cloud, her (virtual) keynote address at our Symposium.

We have a wide number of lesson plans and other resources. Be sure to study the Educating for a Sustainable Future Benchmarks, the international consensus document on what we should be teaching so our students can build a sustainable future. See the buttons below.



Jaimie Cloud of The Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education at the 2019 Sustainability in Schools Symposium

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For Kids in the Verde Valley

Check out the 2019 Summer Camp. Download the flyer and application HERE.