Finland commits to be climate neutral by 2035

July 2019—It’s not going to be easy but most citizens think the country should be doing a lot more to reverse climate change. So the new government has set out plans to be climate neutral by 2035, without using carbon credits (although they gave themselves an out to revisit this in 2025.

Besides cutting back on planned logging investments, the 2035 carbon neutral target – which is to be written into law – will require Finland to radically reduce its consumption of fossil fuels and peat, which together supply about 40% of the country’s energy needs.

The programme calls for a rapid increase in wind and solar power production, the electrification of heating and transport, and a 10% increase in bioenergy, mainly from agricultural waste and forest residues.

The target should not involve Finland buying credits for CO2-reducing projects in other countries, the government said, although that would be subject to a review scheduled for 2025.