Vegan chili wins cookoff in Cornville

Linda Voorhis of Veganification, one of our Certified Sustainable Business, put up her vegan chili recipe in the Cornville Culinary Chili Cook Off and won second place! The first place went to another vegan recipe.

Think about that. There were 30 entrants and the top two winners were the only vegan options.

Linda explained,

An employee from Oak Creek winery, Debbie, entered a three sisters chili, which was a butternut squash base with corn and bean served with fry bread.

[My recipe] was Whole Foods, plant-based, with no added oil. It was a mole-inspired black bean chili topped with a cashew Crema, with your choice of either mild or fiery Crema.

It just proves that you can eat low on the food chain and not sacrifice taste. Waytogo, Linda and Debbie.

debbie’s entry won first place, champion. I won second place, runner up.

Darcy HitchcockVegan