Circular Economy shopping center in Brussels

July 2019—What to do with an empty retail space? In Brussels, the answer was to create a circular shopping center, circular as in the Circular Economy where everything is designed to be reused.

Yuman is a pop-up centre made up of eight shops housed in a former Suzuki car showroom. The businesses signed up so far offer slow cosmetics, bags and accessories made with recycled fabrics, environmentally-friendly wrapping, women’s wear, personalised accessories for men, cleaning products and maternity wear rental.

The center houses little start up businesses that couldn’t otherwise afford retail space. And all the products were carefully screened.

“The shops were carefully selected for sustainability,” De Roo told the paper. “We weren’t simply looking for something hip, or getting involved in greenwashing,” referring to the practice of appearing to be sustainable without actually adhering to the principles.

They hope to add food and drink shops soon.