TIME Magazine's latest issue is all about climate change

September 2019—Time Magazine has graciously put their special report on climate change on the web for the public to access.

They feature 15 women who are leading the charge. They share some of the scary realities but also share what people around the world are doing to mitigate it.

To be sure, “2050: The Fight for Earth” is not filled with light reading material. A long multimedia piece viscerally documents the deforestation occurring in the Amazon right now. The piece is unequivocal about just how high the stakes are: “The Amazon tipping point could also lead to a cascade of other potential climate tipping points,” writes journalist Matt Sandy. “Scientists believe that these changes combined could result in runaway global warming that humans would find impossible to reverse.”

As you read more stories, a clear trend emerges: We aren’t doing enough, whether that means stopping deforestation and ocean warming, reforming manufacturing practices, or adapting to the changes already set in motion. (Source)

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