Protecting the climate naturally

June 2019–When we think about addressing climate change, we usually think about wind farms, solar panels, more efficient buildings and electric cars. Some people are aware that food choices also can make a huge difference. Often forgotten is the power of Nature to help us regulate the planet. In a lot of cases, it’s cheaper to help Nature reduce greenhouse gases than to use our technology to do it.

The Nature Conservancy has recently released a report to business, explaining where the international community is headed and how they can support efforts.

A recent peer-reviewed study led by scientists from The Nature Conservancy has shown that natural climate solutions can deliver up to 37% of the carbon dioxide mitigation needed by 2030 to deliver the climate change targets in the Paris climate agreement (approximately 11 billion gigatonnes (Gt) of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per year by 2030—see figure 3).5 Furthermore, while this is based

on a carbon price required to deliver the Paris Agreement in full (up to $100/t CO2e by 20306), a high proportion is available at relatively low cost; around 3Gt C02e can be delivered for less than $10/t CO2e.