REBA: non-profits collaborating to push renewable energy

You likely know that the Sustainability Alliance is a coalition of local non-profits working together to create new programs that none of us on our own could do. Well, here’s what it looks like when the ‘big guys’ like Business for Social Responsibility, World Resources Institute, Rocky Mountain Institute and World Wildlife Fund collaborate. They’ve come together to make it easier for business to get green power. It’s called REBA, the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance and it includes over 200 major companies.

"In the end, we are here to drive impact. We get out of bed to accelerate the clean energy future, not to build our organization," said Jules Kortenhorst, CEO of RMI, recalling the decision to support the creation of an independent REBA. "We were able to see that bigger prize and work constructively together and make our goals subordinate of the biggest objective of the mission."

I love what happens when we care more about making the world better than who gets the credit.