Largest plug-in hybrid electric cruise/ferry hits the water

In response to concerns about dirty maritime fuels, some are experimenting with electric ships. Most have been ferries going relatively short distances, which are yielding amazing results.

The operators of the first all-electric ferry in Norway, the ‘Ampere’, reported some impressive statistics after operating the ship for over two years. They claim that the all-electric ferry cuts emissions by 95% and costs by 80%.

Recently Color Line, a Norwegian cruise/ferry line, just took possession of the world’s largest plug-in hybrid with the equivalent of 50 Tesla battery packs.

“Color Hybrid employs new solutions to reduce noise and emissions. The ship is a plug-in hybrid, and its five-megawatt hour batteries are charged via a power cable with environmentally friendly power from shore power plants on the quay in Sandefjord. The ship will sail in and out of the Sandefjord fjord virtually silently and without emissions of harmful environmental gases, or nitrogen and sulfur compounds to the air in the area.”