Who’s the Tesla of aircraft?

October, 2019—It may seem unbelievable that we will be flying in battery powered planes, but it once seemed impossible to fly across the ocean. Granted, your overseas flights won’t be powered this way for a long time, but a majority of flights are shorter, making them suitable for electric planes.

Although a day when travelers can crisscross the world in all-electric commercial jets may seem a lifetime away, roughly 45 percent of global flights are under 500 miles, putting almost half of all flights within the range of an electric motor. In a place such as the United States, where the aviation industry contributes 12 percent of all carbon emissions, that’s a big opportunity to reduce emissions.

So who are developing these aircraft? This article highlights six companies, one in a tailspin. From the looks of the planes, the first market might be private pilots with a pioneering spirit.


Darcy HitchcockAir travel