Marketplace’s Molly Wood discovers it’s her time to address climate change

Sept 2019—Molly Wood covers technology on Marketplace Tech radio show. Like many people, she knew about climate change but didn’t feel like she could do anything on a scale that mattered. But on a trip to her hair salon, she heard a climate scientist say that her part of the story was over. Now it’s a matter of engineering. Suddenly Wood realized that it was time for her to step on stage, to take up the story, to share human stories about solutions. “We’re all so tired of having the fear-based conversation.” It’s time to talk about solutions.

So she’s started a series called How We Survive, about climate adaptation, a topic she feels has been under-represented. Most people and media have been talking about climate mitigation, how to reduce greenhouse gases. Adaptation deals with how we build more resilient communities, things like decoupling our electricity grid. Done right, of course, adaptation leads to mitigation as well; a local community solar system addresses both.

I’m intrigued by both notions: that there is a time for each of us to be on stage and that resilience has been under-represented in climate communication. At the Alliance, we share a lot of the emerging solutions but I haven’t shared much about the underlying principles of resilience. Note to self.