Airports send single-use plastics flying

Sept 2019—Airports are trying to boost their sustainability image, especially in regard to single use plastics.

If you’re flying through San Francisco, you better bring your own water bottle. Otherwise you’ll have to buy one or a compostable cup to use their water filling stations. They’re banning the sales of single use water bottles within the airport.

Currently, airport vendors sell a total of 4 million water bottles every year, which equates to more than 10,000 daily. The ban will have a significant impact on the city of San Francisco’s progress toward achieving zero-waste. San Francisco and nearby Berkeley also recently banned plastic straws.

Portland, Oregon’s PDX airport, food cart vendors can use reusable plates and silverware for eat-in diners thanks to a program with the Port of Portland which runs the airport. They piloted the program in the areas outside of security in 2017 and the results were encouraging.

In the Port of Portland’s 2016-17 environmental report, results from the pilot program show a 73% reduction in to-go packaging waste, 374 pounds of food waste collected and composted, and 10,000 dishes reused.

The program is set to begin at the end of August.

Darcy HitchcockPlastics, Air travel