How are we doing against the Sustainable Development Goals

Sept 2019—Over 100 countries signed on to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to address global issues like hunger, access to fresh water, a stable climate, etc. So how are we doing?

Here’s a link to the 2019 Goals Report. You can click on the goals that interest you or download the whole report.

Here are a few highlights and low-lights:


Infant mortality has dropped almost in half (9.8 million in 2000 to 5.4 million in 2017)

9 out of 10 people have access to electricity and 17.5% worldwide is now coming from renewables.

More key biodiversity areas have been protected (ie, 39% increase of terrestrial areas, 42% fresh water and 36% mountain areas)


There are more people in poverty, experiencing hunger.

One out of four urban residents live in slum-like conditions and 90% breathe polluted air

Our material footprint is still growing rapidly, even faster than economic growth and population growth.

Regarding the climate, we are already 1 degree C over preindustrial times

Fish stocks that are at sustainable levels have dropped from 90% in 1974 to only 67% in 2015 and the ocean is becoming more acid.

Pick one and see what you can do.