Toilet paper getting worse, not better. What’s the alternative?

With all the marketing hype around softness, brands of toilet paper are using less recycled content versus more.

Analysis from Ethical Consumer magazine found that major brands were using less recycled paper than in 2011, while only five of the nine major supermarkets (the Co-opMorrisonsSainsbury’sTesco and Waitrose) offered an own-brand recycled toilet paper. The large-scale use of virgin paper contributes to unnecessary deforestation.

So what can you? Here are several options, with the best at the top of the list.

  • Get a bidet attachment for your toilet. Here’s a model one of our members likes that’s available in single or dual sprays. (Or fashion your own by attaching a kitchen sprayer to the valve; note you’ll need an adapter because the pipe sizes are different but just ask at your local hardware store.) This can eliminate or drastically reduce your use of TP. You’ll use a little water but a lot of water went into your TP, so spray away!

  • Buy brands made from bamboo or other rapidly grown fibers. (These are more expensive.)

  • Look for recycled paper content or the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification showing that the wood pulp came from sustainably managed forests.

Darcy Hitchcock