How California boosted energy efficiency and it’s economy

July 2019—In the old Industrial Economy of the last century, when the economy grew, so did energy use. But some smart states wanted to decouple those. Was it possible to reduce energy per unit of GDP? California proved that it was possible. What it took was smart public policy.

In fact, if the rest of the nation had improved as quickly as California has between 1975 and 2016, US greenhouse gases would be almost 25 percent lower, NRDC found.

And this improvement in performance has not come at the expense of economic growth. Instead, it’s been a huge factor in the state’s economic boom — over the past 40 years, its population and economy have grown faster than the rest of the US.

Their policy of energy conservation started in the 1970’s around the energy crisis, when Ronald Reagan was governor, proving that conservation and conservatism are compatible.