EU and 18 states have Right to Repair

So many products are designed to be hard to repair or upgrade. It’s easier to buy a new washing machine or phone than to fix it. This leads to mountains of waste. But “Right to Repair” legislation in the European Union and a number of states are driving manufacturers to change designs.

Researchers in Canada estimate that all those smartphones, laptops, and tablets, together with the infrastructure that enables our virtual activities, will be responsible for 3.5% of global CO2 emissons by next year, and 14% by 2040. The smartphone is the real killer: emissions are expected to reach 125 megatons (Mt) of CO2 equivalent (CO2e) per year in 2020, compared with 17 Mt CO2e per year in 2010. Up to 95% of those emissions are caused by production. So keeping phones in use as long as possible, and then recycling them, is crucial.