New market for #4-7 plastics?

October 2019—Currently only a few plastics have markets for recycling, #1 and 2 bottles and #5 tubs. Some plastic bags and films can be recycled at the grocery story.

The chemical company Eastman is trotting out two processes that would allow them to make plastic products with recycled plastic. One lets them make plastic products with up to half of unwanted PET (colored, contaminated). The other process is gasification, what they call Carbon Renewal Technology.

Syngas is what Greener Package calls "the key to packaging sustainability" because it contains the building blocks of "virtually all plastic packaging materials." Eastman already uses syngas to create the acetate components of its Treva engineered bioplastic; the rest comes from plant-based cellulose derived from sustainable forests.

What has changed is that, using Carbon Renewal Technology, the syngas can be made from recycled plastics rather than virgin fossil fuels. This means that a more sustainable Treva, from which "ophthalmics, cosmetics, electronic display applications (lenses and covers), electronics and housings, and wearable devices and headphones" are made, can be produced from a mixture of cellulosic biomaterial and acetates derived from recycled feedstocks.

Darcy Hitchcockplastics