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Certified Sustainable Business: Atlasta Catering

Catering your Big Day doesn’t need to harm the planet. Steve and Kristine Short created Atlasta Catering to offer great food with a light footprint: minimal waste, renewable energy and lots of vegan options that even your carnivore guests will like. Atlasta recently catered a wedding at Tlaquepaque (also a Certified Sustainable Business). The couple specifically requested Atlasta because they wanted a sustainable event.

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Certified Sustainable Business: AnewU

You may know Coco Clark as a realtor but she also owns a non-toxic skincare business called AnewU that was recently certified by the Sustainability Alliance at the Conservationist/Bronze level.

So many personal care products have scary ingredients known to cause cancer or disrupt hormones. Clark, a licensed esthetician and owner of AnewU, said, “I have a vision of nontoxic skin care that is healthy for both humans and the planet. AnewU is the result.” With a special device that warms the deep layers of skin, Coco is able to smooth and tighten the face and neck, plus reduce inches on the body—all without any harsh chemicals, needles or surgery.

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Certified Sustainable Business: Sedona e-Bike Tours

Susan Amon, owner of Sedona E-Bike Tours, helps residents and visitors understand Sedona from a new angle. Her rides foster “place-based tourism” that deepens knowledge and appreciation of local geography, ecosystems, and history – all from the sustainable comfort of an electric bicycle. “My very business is about mitigating impacts of cars and the pollution they create.” Amon charges her e-bikes with green power through APS’s Green Choice program.

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Certified Sustainable Business: The Gathering Place

We wanted to share the wonderful sustainable practices of our Certified Sustainable Businesses. I’ll be starting with the most recent, and work back in time. We issue press releases but many don’t publish the long-text version. So we are making that information available on our blog and will link to this information on the listing of certified businesses (which you can always find with this shortcut:

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