Plastic tea bags? How to avoid them.

The CBC outed the tea industry by letting us all know that many tea bags contain plastic that leaves pieces of plastic in your cup, especially the silken bags. Yuck! Why?

In order for the tea bags to seal up and keep their shape in hot liquid, a plastic polymer, namely polypropylene, must be added. Even though the amounts of plastic found in tea bags is minimal — and vary between manufacturers — it adds up to quite a bit when you look at the big picture.

The simple solution is to buy loose tea and use a stainless steel infuser. This will save money and the resulting left-overs are compostable.

You can skip the brewing process altogether with Pique Tea crystals (find them at Pique’s website or on Amazon). Mix them in either cold or hot water – and watch them dissolve with no tea bag required – for a delicious tea that is loaded with beneficial polyphenols.

If you can’t give up the bag, this article contains a list of manufacturers that don’t have plastic in their bags. Try to avoid individually wrapped tea bags because they contribute to more waste.