How to travel if you care about the climate

On your next vacation, you may not be able to take a sailboat like Greta Thunberg, but this article and chart may help you make climate friendly choices.

Many people don’t realize that the climate impacts of air travel goes beyond CO2. Water vapor and other gases high in the atmosphere are particularly problematic.

The increased warming effect other, non-CO2, emissions, such as nitrogen oxides, have when they are released at high altitudes can also make a significant difference to emissions calculations.

"The climate effect of non-CO2 emissions from aviation is much greater than the equivalent from other modes of transport, as these non-CO2 greenhouse gases formed at higher altitudes persist for longer than at the surface and also have a stronger warming potential," Eloise Marais, from the Atmospheric Composition Group, at the University of Leicester, told BBC News.

Regardless of the mode of travel, you can buy carbon offsets. Or maybe ditch the hassle of travel and stay closer to home. People come from all over the world to see our area. Have you seen it all?


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