Telling people not to eat meat isn’t working

June 2019—The US Health Dept has been telling the US public to cut back on meat for their own health. Physicians have been warning about antibiotic resistance. Climate scientists have calculated the impact of animal agriculture. While the number of vegetarians and vegans has grown, so has meat consumption worldwide.

Just telling people to eat less meat is a hard sell. It works for some but most people bristle at being told what to put on their plate, restaurants tend to make more money from non-vegan plates, and the animal ag industry has a powerful voice in Congress.

So what might work better? In this TEDTalk, the answer is to harness the animal ag industry to make plant-based and cell-based meats that taste at least as good and are sold at the same or lower cost. Give the consumer what he/she wants. Have your meat and eat it too.

What is still left out are the interests of the ranchers and the CAFOs (concentrated agriculture feeding operations). Ranches could be transformed into wildlife reserves for eco-tourists. CAFOs and slaughter houses could become the cell-based meat producers, which would be a lot nicer job for workers.

The next global agricultural revolution

Darcy Hitchcock