Who we are

Currently we have 10 NGO’s as members representing a wide range of environmental and social issues.

Currently we have 10 NGO’s as members representing a wide range of environmental and social issues.


Our story

In the past, each non-profit was working on their own issues in isolation. So the Sustainability Alliance was created to bring us together to

  • understand our inter-dependencies

  • leverage our collective resources

  • invent programs that no one is doing and

  • provide unified recommendations to decision makers.

We act as an incubator, a catalyst for new initiatives. When possible, we hand them off to other groups. Where it makes sense, we manage them ourselves.

At this point, we have 10 local NGOs as members that address a wide range of issues like water, waste, climate change, food and hunger. We maintain relationships with a number of other groups including the Chamber of Commerce, economic development entities and Arizona universities.

Our Team

The Alliance has pulled together people with an amazing breadth of experience who are all passionate about making our community more sustainable. Our member representatives include:

  • (Facilitator) Darcy Hitchcock, former sustainability consultant, author of 10 business books, and co-founder of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals.

  • (Business Program Manager) Lisa Voss, with an MBA in sustainable solutions from Presidio Graduate School.

  • (Cornucopia Community Advocates) Leslie Fox, entrepreneur, teacher and expert in local food systems and food recovery.

  • (Friends of the Verde River) Isaac Dudley, Business Development Coordinator and a photographer.

  • (Gardens for Humanity) Richard Sidy, retired teacher and environmental educator, former Peace Corps volunteer with a passion for local food, and art.

  • (Healthy World Sedona) Jon Thompson, former Sedona City Council member who helped lead the creation of the Sedona Community Plan in which sustainability is a core principle. Passion for plant-based lifestyles.

  • (Inspiration of Sedona) Marty Landa, curious about climate change and has an appreciation of the importance of personal transformation.

  • (Keep Sedona Beautiful) Nancy Spinelli, who led KSB’s Native Plant Workshop for many years; our Facebook person.

  • (Northern Arizona Climate Alliance) Jim Gale, former National Park Service Chief of Interpretation, experienced in creating climate friendly facilities, exhibits and programs. 

  • (Oak Creek Watershed) McKenzie Jones, municipal sustainability professional experienced in materials management and food policy.

  • (Sedona Recycles) Jill McCutcheon, executive director of Sedona Recycles and a passionate advocate for waste minimization and recovery; writes a regular column for the local paper.

  • (Tech Advisor) Len Marinaccio, former mayor of Dewey-Humboldt, videographer, tinkerer and our IT guru.