IMAGINE...just for a moment...

Imagine Sedona and the Verde Valley—indeed the entire central/northern Arizona region— as fully sustainable, a model of sustainable economic development and a learning laboratory for others:
  • Operating on renewable energy
  • Supporting a vibrant local food system that nourishes all our residents
  • Recycling all 'waste' into useful products, creating living wage jobs in the region
  • Implementing community projects to enrich the lives of residents
  • Engaging visitors who come not just for outdoor activities, art and education, but also to learn about sustainability in a resource-constrained world

We have a ways to go but the first step is to measure how far away we are from sustainability. So we are developing a Dashboard of Community Indicators based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

    These are indicators or proxies for the overall health of our People, Planet and Prosperity. They aren't exhaustive but they should be readily available and should let us track trends over time. Please let us know if you want additional information. Some of the metrics still need some work but we are happy to share what we have.

    In addition to the Dashboard we have, as opportunities presented themselves, provided our recommendations on a range of community issues including:


    Planning an event? Make it zero waste!

    One of the best ways to make an event more sustainable is to focus on reducing waste. Click here to learn more about our zero waste event checklist. If you can commit to the 16 Zero Waste Event Practices, the Alliance can certify your event which will help you publicize your efforts and educate everyone who attends.


    Resources related to community sustainability

    Community Indicators Consortium (
    EcoDistricts (
    ICLEI (
    Sustainable City Network (
    Sustainable Communities (
    Smart Growth (

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