Organizations all over the world are adopting sustainability as a strategic initiative. Almost all of the world's largest corporations publish sustainability reports. Many communities are pursing sustainability as well. For students to succeed in this new world, they must learn sustainability concepts and practices. And we all need them to invent the new technologies and practices that can reverse the unintended damage of the Industrial Revolution.  

Education for Sustainability (EfS) is key for our youth as citizens, for their careers, for our future. 

Sustainability in Schools Symposium

JOIN US: our annual event for teachers/administrators

June 11, 2018 in Sedona, AZ

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"I learned a lot and look forward to implementing some of these things in my school."
—Charles A. Mentken, Northpoint Academy

"Thank you for a well planned, information packed, and thoroughly enjoyable day! Great event :)”
—Cathy Nowlin


Teachers: Also click here to go to our folder of Educational Resources which includes lesson plans/games along with a document containing our favorite sources for sustainability-related curricula.


"Research from the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University shows a huge percentage of employers are already giving positive weight to job candidates with sustainability skills." (2011)  More...

Sustainable Entrepreneurship Microloan for Schools

We encourage Sustainable Entrepreneurship in kids through our Sustainable Entrepreneurship Microloan for Schools program. 

Imagine kids turning waste materials into usable products and selling them to support their school programs. Maybe when they graduate, they can turn their idea into a full-fledged business.


Regarding our annual Sustainability in Schools Symposium:

"I learned a lot and look forward to implementing some of these things in my school."
—Charles A. Mentken, Northpoint Academy

"Thank you for a well planned, information packed, and thoroughly enjoyable day! Great event :)”
—Cathy Nowlin
Regarding in-service training:
"I thought the workshop was of great value and teachers have been very positive about incorporating what was learned."
—Deborah A. Jones, Principal/School Counselor, Big Park Community School

Download EfS services flyer from SustainabilityAlliance

Sustainability in Schools Instructional Game 

Playing the Sustainability in Schools game
As a result of this feedback, we have developed and are testing an instructional simulation game to be used with administrators and teachers in in-service training. We will show people how to use the simulation at our Summer Sustainability Sampler half-day workshop June 8, 2015 in Sedona with the hope of building demand for a more in-depth summer workshop in 2016. More...

Build a Sustainability Plan

The Sedona Charter School wanted to develop a more robust sustainability plan after playing the Sustainability in Schools game. So we led a half-day session with teachers and administrators where they identified their impacts and established metrics. They also developed a long term project plan and a management system to keep this plan going.
"I found myself transported and really invested in the process. You are a fabulous facilitator I really admire your work. I hope we can live up to the standards and expectations we have for ourselves in this endeavor." — Lisa Hirsch, teacher and sustainability coordinator


EfS Program Participants

These individuals are currently leading the Education for Sustainability program:
Darcy Hitchcock, co-founder of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals and author of the award-winning book, The Business Guide to Sustainability (now in its third edition, as well as The Step by Step Guide to Sustainability Planning, Dragonfly’s Question (a novella about sustainability with study guide), and several other business books. She was president of AXIS Performance Advisors, a sustainability consulting firm, for over 23 years.

Dr. Rosemary Papa, is Professor and the Del and Jewell Lewis Endowed Chair of Learning Centered Leadership at Northern Arizona University.  An author/coauthor of 14 books on education policy, leadership, and practice, Dr. Papa is under contract with Springer International Publishing for a book titled, Building for a Sustainable Future in Education: Brick by Brick.

Richard Sidy, M.Ed. is currently the President of Gardens for Humanity and also serves on the board of the Yavapai Food Council. He is a retired teacher of over 35 years, and promotes sustainability education through writing and building community collaboration around the issues of food security, local economic development, and environmental education. Spent time in Africa in the Peace Corp.