Ultimately, sustainability is about livability, providing a high quality of life for everyone within the limits of nature. We provide a number of services to educate the public. In 2018, for example, we've spoken at meetings, hosted an election forum on sustainability and participated in various advisory groups.

These ongoing programs should interest the public:

  • Calendar of Sustainability-related Events
  •  Earth Day Extravaganza—We encourage and compile Earth Day events in the Verde Valley.  If you are planning an earth day offering or want to see what's going on, go to (Note: the map will be blank at other times of the year.)
  • 6 week public workshop (planned for Sedona/OLLI Spring 2019)
  • Book/Discussion Group (Use the novella, Dragonfly's Question, to learn about sustainability and find ideas you want to implement in your community. The author will kick off your discussion group. A chapter by chapter discussion guide is included in the print version.
  • Resources/ideas for households
  • Dashboard of community indicators—in development
 Click here if you want to request a presentation for your organization.