Sustainable Business Certification

Get Certified as a Sustainable Business!

The Sustainable Business Certification recognizes and drives customers toward those organizations that do the most for their employees, our community and the environment.

  • Do you believe business can be a force for good in the world?
  • Does your business provide a positive impact on employees, the community and the environment?

Then join the growing list of certified businesses in a wide variety of industry sectors....

Who's Certified?

Want a more robust sustainability assessment?  On request, the Alliance can conduct a deeper assessment of your operations.
"I would recommend the assessment to anyone interested in advancing sustainable practices. The process is easy and simple to complete. The best part is we are left with good practical information on where we are already strong and tips on how we can improve our commitment to sustainability." — Justin Clifton, Sedona City Manager

Four Steps to Get Certified


    1. JOIN/Register to create an account (you can see the survey questions before joining but your results may not be saved if you don't Join first.
      Click here to go to the website.
    2. Take the 12-question SURVEY which takes about 10-15 minutes. You'll fill out a profile and then you simply click the practices you are doing and write in any practices you think might qualify.  Watch the progress bar to see what level of certification you might qualify for.

      Contact us if you would like help going through the survey.)

    3. An expert at the Sustainability Alliance will review your results, confirm your level of certification (bronze, silver or gold) and suggest ideas for action. (If needed, we may also ask clarifying questions or for some documents to support your claims.)
    4. Promote your certification through PR, social media, etc. and connect to other certified organizations. (The Alliance helps by publishing press releases and congrats on Facebook and tourism-based businesses are highlighted on two Sedona/Verde Valley websites. We also suggest ways you can get more recognition for this award.)

    What's it like to get certified?

    Click here to see the results of our 2017 survey of certified businesses. In a nutshell, they found:
    • The survey was easy to take
    • Our recommendations for action made good business sense
    • The majority are actively recommending the certification to other businesses
    • They've made a lot of improvements already

    Why get certified and how does the certification work?

    Given the increasing interest in eco/sustainable tourism and the rise of the LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) market, we have created the Sustainable Business Certification. Becoming certified can help your business:
    • Get public recognition for your good deeds
    • Attract customers and employees who share your values
    • Become more competitive by identifying efficiencies, avoiding risks and differentiating your business
    • Energize your employees and drive innovation

    What's great about this certification? Unlike the others, ours is:
    • fast, easy and inexpensive
    • provides levels of performance up to full sustainability
    • includes social/economic as well as environmental criteria
    • based on The Natural Step principles, a science based framework

     Simply check practices you are currently doing and see your ratings in real-time.