About Us

Collaborating for a SUSTAINABLE FUTURE

Economic Security * Food Security * Energy Security * Water Security  

Illuminating a path toward a sustainable, resilient Verde Valley/Sedona Region.


The Sustainability Alliance brings together non-profits in north/central Arizona that are all holding onto a piece of the ‘sustainability elephant'— nature, transportation, energy, food, waste, water, and energy/climate.

These systems are obviously interconnected but until the Sustainability Alliance was formed, the NGO’s were not. The Alliance lets us work on cross-cutting issues and solutions.

We believe the best solutions come from understanding the interdependencies of these systems and making sure that those with these areas of expertise are present in the solution-generating process.

Three programs areas

  • Business: We advise businesses and recognize them through our Sustainable Business Certification
  • Community: We offer recommendations on a wide range of issues and are building a dashboard of community indicators
  • Education: We work with local schools to help them integrate sustainability into their operations and classrooms

What the Sustainability Alliance can contribute to existing efforts

  • Uncover shared priorities and synergies
  • Discover gaps in our sustainability efforts and see that they are filled
  • Coordinate the efforts of those in the network to speak with a louder, more powerful voice
  • Measure the region's progress toward critical sustainability goals
  • Support local efforts and collaborate on shared goals



Our members are all local non-profits who share our vision to transform the Verde Valley into a model of sustainability and resilience. The NGO's have been chosen to represent different systems:

  • Inspiration of Sedona (Key contact: Marty Landa) 
  • World Survival Foundation/GenIsis project (Key contact: Demetri Wagner) 
  • Gardens for Humanity (Key contact: Richard Sidy) and 
  • Cornucopia (Key contact: Harvey Grady)
  • Keep Sedona Beautiful (Key contact: David Gill and Nancy Spinelli)
  • Sedona Recycles (Key contact: TBD) 

  • Verde River Basin Partnership (recently merged with Friends of the Verde Greenway. Key contact: Len Marinaccio) 

In the Education for Sustainability program, we also have participating:
  • Northern Arizona University (Endowed chair/faculty: Rosemary Papa)

We also have strategic relationships with:
  • Artline Graphics
  • Friends of the Forest
  • Sedona Chamber of Commerce
  • Sustainable Economic Development Initiative