About Us

Collaborating for a SUSTAINABLE FUTURE

Illuminating a path toward a sustainable, resilient Verde Valley/Sedona Region.


Everything is connected. There's a relationship between food, hunger, water, waste, energy, climate change, land use, nature, and public services. Right? But organizations and agencies typically focus on only one.

The Sustainability Alliance brings together these local organizations working on different pieces of the "sustainability elephant."

We work across disciplines to uncover innovative, cross-cutting opportunities to move north/central Arizona toward sustainability, what we call the 3-P's:

People  Planet  Prosperity

Our 3 programs address major stakeholders & leverage points

  • Business: We advise businesses and recognize them through our Sustainable Business Certification
  • Community: We offer recommendations on a wide range of issues and are building a dashboard of community indicators
  • Education: We work with local schools to help them integrate sustainability into their operations and classrooms, in part through an annual Sustainability in Schools Symposium

Who's involved?

We want to involve organizations that represent different systems but to keep the size of our meetings small enough to get work done, we have two types of organizational members and then extended relationships with others. We also on request may consult with individual organizations.

Core members are non-profits that represent a major social or environmental system (eg, climate/energy, food/hunger, water, nature/environment). Core members attend most/all meetings (two all-member meetings a month and where appropriate, one education meeting a month). There are currently no fees associated with being a core member. You simply represent your system (education) in our discussions and then promote the Alliance and appropriate programs to your network.

Affiliates are those that may not be ready to be a core member, or who represent a smaller slice of a system we already have a rep for or because of politics, may need to keep a bit of an arms length relationship. These affiliates attend meetings when their issue is front and center, and help us get the word out. Sometimes they connect us with others. Some aren't non-profits so don't qualify to be core members; that avoids conflicts of interest. They're involved and supportive of what we're doing but not as hands-on. Examples here include the Sedona Chamber, the City of Sedona and Healthy World Sedona.

Extended relationships are somewhat more diffuse. These are groups that share our values, are supportive, on occasion help us get the word out about an upcoming event or program. They may operate in different regions of Arizona. We tap them for technical expertise. Examples here include Arizona Forward, Local First Arizona, certain departments and programs within Northern Arizona University, and Arizona State University, as well as regional economic development groups like NARBHA/SEDI, and VVREO.

Clients are organizations that have requested specific assistance. Examples include the City of Sedona for whom we did a sustainability assessment and Verde Valley School where we are helping them develop a sustainability report.


Core Member System Representatives







Verde River Basin Partnership (now part of Friends of the Verde River)



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