Friday, March 1, 2019

Sustainability plans are an employee retention tool

In a recent study of 1000 employees in large US companies, 70% said that if their employer had a sustainability plan, it would make them more likely to stay with that company long term. Half the workers said they would take a cut in pay to work for an environmentally responsible company. Two-thirds of Millennials would take a cut in pay.

The message here should not be to adopt sustainability so you can pay your workers a pittance. Instead, you should harness the passion most employees feel for doing good, to make a real difference.

DIY RESOURCES: Here are two resources to help you create a sustainability plan:

Sustainability Plan Worksheet: This is for first-timers and small businesses.

The Step by Step Guide to Sustainability Planning: This is for more organizations with some experience under their belt, larger organizations and sustainability directors.

[Note: The April 8, 2019 Sustainable Leaders Gathering  in Sedona focuses on sustainability planning and we will walk through the Sustainability Plan Worksheet. Contact Darcy Hitchcock for an invitation to the event. ]

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