Wednesday, March 20, 2019

How sustainable is your toilet paper?

Toilet papers vary a lot in their environmental impact. Many of the super-soft-on-your-bum brands have zero recycled content. Bleaching the paper can also release carcinogenic dioxins.

Most big-name toilet paper brands don’t use any recycled paper in their tissue products — super-soft toilet paper as we know it actually requires fibers that can only be found in virgin timber. So, like some kind of kids’ movie super-villain, companies source wood pulp from ancient trees in the Canada boreal forest. Those forests are home to indigenous communities, tons of wildlife, and stored carbon waiting to be released when logged.
So the Charmin TV bears are hurting wild bears. Ironic.

How sustainable is your brand and what might you try instead? Check out NRDC’s scorecard

Source: NRDC

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