Thursday, March 14, 2019

How restaurants can be greener

Restaurants can be significant contributors to sustainability solutions, both through their direct practices and by educating customers on what to request from other establishments.

Hiba Amin from the Toast blog* highlights a wide range of practical steps that restaurants can take to Reduce waste, Reuse materials, Recycle products, and make greener Cleaning choices. Plus she gives tips on sustainable sourcing from suppliers.

Although the post is oriented to restaurants, many of the ideas apply to individuals and other types of businesses too!

To learn more about how one Sedona restaurant created a sustainability plan to implement ideas like these, be sure to attend the Sustainable Leaders Gathering on Monday April 8, 3-5pm at Gerardo’s Italian Kitchen, 2675 W State Route 89A, Sedona.

*Thanks to Radhika Jen Marie of ChocolaTree Organic Oasis for forwarding this excellent resource!

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