Tuesday, March 12, 2019

“De-paving” — Digging up asphalt and concrete

Development used to mean laying down more asphalt and concrete. But that has created sterile, harsh, hot habitats for humans. It destroys habitat for other creatures and intensifies flood events.
Image courtesy of Yes! Magazine.

Look at this picture near Portland OR and notice how your body relaxes. Imagine now that it’s an alley of asphalt. We want to be surrounded by life.

The kids wanted something different for the Inukai Family Boys and Girls Club’s 5,000 square feet of alleyside space. They talked about a soccer field or a traditional playground—but surprised Schutz by choosing a nature park. They imagined dirt, logs, and boulders to climb on, raised beds to grow flowers and veggies, and hundreds of trees and plants throughout.

This is why cities are de-paving and “daylighting” streams that have been pushed into pipes.


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