Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Arizona encourages green lodging practices

Sustainable/eco tourism is driving changes in the hospitality business. Arizona has developed a program to help hotels be greener. (This is a necessary but not necessarily sufficient step to being sustainable.)

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) and the Arizona Hotel & Lodging Association (AzLTA) recently launched a comprehensive update to the Certified Green Lodging Program. Together, with the help of Arizona State University sustainability interns, ADEQ and AzLTA gathered data to expand even more green initiatives in the areas of conservation, waste reduction and overall improvement in sustainability. From application to verification and certification, the process to become a Certified Green Lodging facility typically takes a mere 30 days to complete. And the benefits? There are plenty to be had by all — program members, visitors and residents of Arizona.

Article: https://azbigmedia.com/arizona-hotels-and-restaurants-capitalize-on-eco-friendly-tourism-boom/ 

Fact sheet:  https://legacy.azdeq.gov/function/news/2010/download/120210fs.pdf

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