Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Solar = 242,000 jobs, up 158% since 2010

With solar costs cascading downward, jobs and installations are up. (Not surprisingly there was a little drop in jobs in the past two years, probably due to lack of enthusiasm in the Whitehouse.)

If you wonder why Arizona Public Service is blasé about solar on your roof, the cost chart in this article shows why: utility scale solar costs less. But a UBS analyst thinks renewable energy will “effectively be free” by 2030.

The industry is still expected to rise in the coming years. A report last month from the Energy Information Administration stated that wind and solar, which provided three percent of the United States' energy generation in 2018, will comprise 13 percent of generation in 2020. Around 18 percent of the 24 gigawatts of power set to come online next year is expected to come from photovoltaic solar panels.


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