Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Resource for Cities

The UN has just released a guide to help cities pursue the Sustainable Development Goals. You can download it off this page:


The guide includes a 10-step process:

1. Setting up the leadership and management structure, including budget and timelines, for the planning process
2. Identifying core values for your city
3. Establishing work teams
4. Assembling baseline data, including population trends and eco-nomic conditions
5. Taking stock of what your city is already doing that aligns with the SDGs, identifying gaps, and analyzing those most important to fill
6. Identifying budget resources and potential funding sources
7. Developing a draft framework for the plan, including targets, benchmarks, metrics and indicators
8. Identifying stakeholders, outside advisors (including university and academic partners), and community resources; establishing processes to work with them; and integrating their knowledge and ideas into the drafted plan
9. Aligning budgets and accountability mechanisms, including met-rics and indicators, and final reviews
10. Launching the plan while establishing the feedback and account-ability mechanisms

Image credit: UN http://in.one.un.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/SDG11_SustainableCities.jpg

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