Thursday, February 28, 2019

Is the Green New Deal feasible?

Popular Science weighs in on the Green New Deal. One of the debates is what energy sources are considered renewable and clean energy. Are nukes in or out. But according to reputable experts, the Green New Deal might be financially sound.

Though our current mix of energy is dominated by fossil fuels, that doesn’t mean 100% renewable goals are infeasible. “It’s technically and economically possible to do it by 2030,” says Mark Z. Jacobson, Stanford University civil and environmental engineering professor, about a transition to 100% clean, renewable energy. “But for social and political reasons, it will probably take longer, maybe up to 2050.”
 In total, a nation-wide energy transition would cost $15 trillion, says Jacobson. But, he adds, “It’s much cheaper than the current system—it’s like one-eighth the social cost and one-half the direct energy cost, so it’s really foolish not to do so.”

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