Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Do US automakers even WANT to sell electric cars

When Dale and I went in to buy our first Volt, we knew more about the car than the sales person. He gave incorrect information about its range. Dealerships around here don’t even have an electric model to show you; the manufacturers send them all to California and Oregon. You see lots of ads for gigantic Ford pick ups, usually careening through fragile habitat, but zip for their electric models. Dealerships make a lot of money through repairs but electric vehicles need much less maintenance.

GM is closing plants, ostensibly to focus more on electric vehicles. But they are stopping production on cars, focusing on bigger, more lucrative trucks and SUVs, eliminating any hope for modest mobility. Most of the power of a vehicle goes to moving the vehicle, not the passengers, so the bigger the vehicle, the more inefficient it is.

According to this article (see link), we are currently in the ‘chasm’ between the early adopters and the early majority. Their motivations are different. The early adopters are willing to take some risk and inconvenience; early majority, not so much.

This article suggests there’s a role for government to play, to promote the benefits of electric cars and maintain the tax credit. It might seem a big request of the current administration but we spend millions and millions of dollars promoting our industries abroad.


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