Monday, January 14, 2019

The Chicken-Human era

Millions of years from now, what will be the lasting legacy of humans? Concrete dams will have silted up, becoming waterfalls (unless drought has sucked the rivers dry.) If humans are gone, Nature will have reclaimed our cities according to the book, The World Without Us. But according to this Scientific American article, future archeologists will be struck by chicken.

Hundreds of millions of years from now, when humans are probably long gone, what sort of geologic record will we leave behind for future archaeologists? Plastics, sure? Concrete, maybe? ...[Chicken]
Yep, chicken. Humanity consumes some 66 billion birds a year. Billion, with a B. The mass of chickens on the Earth is so big… it beats the mass of all other birds combined
"The numbers are astonishing." Richard Thomas is an archaeologist at the University of Leicester, who writes with his colleagues in the journal Royal Society Open Science that chicken bones could be a unique signifier of our eraknown as the 'Anthropocene.' 
Another reason to consider a plant-based diet.

Of course the term Chicken-Human era will also allude to our playing chicken with human-caused climate change.

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