Sunday, January 6, 2019

Something else to talk to your doctor about

The medical industry is rife with energy intensive technologies, toxic cleaning products and pharmaceuticals that end up in our rivers, and single use disposables. So while they try to make us better, doctors are also making us and the planet worse. When my mom broke her hip (for the third time; osteoporosis sucks) she rested on a thick waffle pad like mattress toppers you can buy in the store, but probably 6” thick. When she left the hospital, they asked if we wanted it because otherwise, it was going in the trash.

To reduce these wasteful impacts, the World Medical Association has created My Green Doctor.

My Green Doctor guides office staff to operate an office Green Team and make changes in their environmental practices.  There are more than 140 Action Steps to choose from on topics of energy & water use, recycling, safe uses of chemicals, transportation choices, climate change, renewable energy and healthy foods.  There is an emphasis on teaching your patients in the office and waiting room and an effort to improve community environmental health.  This programme has demonstrated that it can lower office overhead expenses significantly. Your office staff members and you can register to use My Green Doctor free of charge, can obtain a waiting room certificate just for registering, and can qualify for a Green Doctor Office certificate from the WMA.

Learn more here.

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