Thursday, January 3, 2019

Good progress on responsible cotton

In Arizona schools, kids are taught about the 5C’s, the basis of our state economy (cotton, copper, climate, cattle, citrus). Many of these industries have an embarrassing environmental legacy. Cotton, for example, is responsible for close to a quarter of the world’s insecticides. (More about cotton’s impacts here.)

 But efforts have been underway for decades to clean up cotton’s act. I remember in the early 2000’s Nike wanting to switch to organic cotton but they couldn’t find enough of a supply. Finally growers are responding to the demands of the market.

According to the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), 2017 was a banner year for sustainable cotton, and this multi-stakeholder group is well on its way to achieve its goal of having 30 percent of all cotton grown globally being grown responsibly and sustainably.

Um, that still leaves 70% being grown irresponsibly. So keep reading labels.

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