Sunday, December 2, 2018

Delta and Lyft buying carbon offsets for (some of) your trips

Flying once during the year can dwarf all the climate-friendly things you’ve done. You can buy carbon offsets to make your flight carbon neutral but few travelers bother to do it. The best way to drive sustainable behavior is to make it the default, to embed the cost in the transaction.

International flights landing in the EU started offsetting carbon emissions in 2012 (but allowed exemptions when some countries complained). By 2021 all international flights will soon be required to offset their carbon emissions thanks to a U.N. agreement. 

Inside the US, Delta has reported they will include offsets for flights between some of their hubs. Pick up a Lyft from the airport and that too will be carbon neutral. Now that the gauntlet has been thrown, other transportation carriers are likely to follow suit.

For those of you holiday travelers, note that these programs aren’t all in place so offset your emissions yourself. Better yet, offset your emissions for the whole year. At current prices, it really doesn’t cost much at all. Add an offset program to your annual charities. Here’s an earlier post that explains how to do it in 10 minutes.

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