Wednesday, November 14, 2018

UK renewables surpass fossil fuel capacity!

Wow, UK renewables have tripled and fossil fuels have dropped by 1/3 in the last 5 years. The net result is the UK now has more renewable capacity (solar, wind, biomass and hydro) between July and September.

The power industry has some confusing terms. Note that ‘capacity’ is different from power ‘generation.’ Capacity is the equivalent of turning your tub faucet wide open, the total amount of water that could be delivered; generation takes into account whether the faucet was turned off for part of the time, or throttled down while water was gotten from other sources.

When you factor in nuclear power, which they count separately. 28% was renewable power, 54% was low carbon, including nukes.

Coal capacity has dropped by 1/4 in the past year as old, inefficient, uneconomic plants are closed. The UK, which built its economy on coal, now only has 6 coal plants left.

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