Friday, November 16, 2018

Too big to fail to fight climate change?

A lot of efforts around climate change focus on reducing fossil fuel use. But another critical component is to retain forests to keep gobbling up carbon. The largest, most important tracts are in Brazil, Russia and Canada.

While many worry about the concentration of wealth into a small number of hands (and rightly so), the fact that a handful of investment firms own major chunks of stock in ag/beef/wood products companies operating in those areas presents an additional way to fight climate change. Use shareholder activism as a way to put pressure on the companies doing business in those critical regions.

The study, published in the latest issue of Global Environmental Change, determined that a relatively small number of financial institutions — from American investment firms to Norwegian sovereign wealth funds to Swiss banks — can help build the resilience of some of the main geographic areas key to stabilizing the Earth’s climate: the Brazilian Amazon and boreal forests in Russia and Canada.

 Here are the key financial institutions that can help prevent climate 'tipping point,' per new study -

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