Sunday, November 18, 2018

In the absence of EPA regs, a handful of retailers phase out deadly paint strippers

Too many people assume that if a product is on the shelves it must be safe. They don’t read the warnings and don’t follow the instructions for ventilation and protective gear. Walking down the aisles of building supply stores gives me the creeps.

One example is paint strippers with chemicals known to kill people while they used the product.

In May, Lowe's announced it would discontinue the products. Home Depot, Sherwin Williams and other major retailers followed. In all, thousands of stores will stop selling methylene chloride paint removers by January.
Fortunately there are alternatives that work as well.

Retailers Plan To Clear Deadly Paint Removers From Shelves, As EPA Delays Ban - NPR

Moral to the story: read the labels and take them seriously. Do you really want a wasp spray that is a neurotoxin, a weed spray that is a probable carcinogen, or a cleaning product that disrupts your hormones? At a client office, I noticed the air freshener in the ladies room that said not to use in enclosed, it’s a restroom....

If you don’t want to dig into chemical safety sheets, use apps like Think Dirty or to help you keep your family and employees safe.

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