Sunday, November 11, 2018

Big trend in Britain toward plant-based diet, plastic free

British food used to be the butt of jokes, tasteless and unhealthy. But that is changing fast.

Most profoundly, one in eight Britons (nearly 13 percent of the population) is now vegetarian or vegan, with an additional 21 percent calling themselves 'flexitarian,' consciously reducing the amount of meat they eat. This amounts to nearly one-third of Britons, which is an enormous increase over years gone by; 60 percent of vegans and 40 percent of vegetarians say they've made the change in the past five years.

They’re also foregoing plastic.
A second hopeful change noted by Waitrose is a reduction in plastic use. Ever since the BBC aired its final shocking episode of Blue Planet II in December 2017, 44 percent of Britons say they have "drastically changed" their plastic use habits. (Another 44 percent say they've "somewhat changed.")

NOTE: I was curious how this compares to the US. It’s possible this study might be overstating the situation based on their methodology. According to this country by country comparison, the US has 5-8% vegetarians/vegans. This same source shows the UK as a whole at 7%. Sweden is at 10%; Switzerland and Taiwan are 14%. Mexico is 19%; India tops the list at 31-42%.

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