Thursday, October 18, 2018

Vegan dog food exec dares others to eat their dog food

Maybe you’re trying to switch to a plant based diet, but what about Fido?

Wild Earth is an emerging vegan pet food brand. Right now they are daring Purina and other execs to eat their own dog food. (Don’t try this at home; recommends washing your hands after feeding your dog treats or dog food because of salmonella.) But Wild Earth founders are happy to eat their own brand. It appears they only have treats available for sale but kibble or canned is soon to follow.

It’s still controversial whether feeding a dog a plant based diet is good for them or the planet.

According to Tufts Veterinary Center

Most dogs can do quite well on a carefully designed vegan diet that meets all of their nutritional needs.  As a veterinary nutritionist, I use meat-free diets quite a bit to help manage various health concerns. The challenge is that designing these diets is not the easiest thing to do. While a number of commercial vegan and vegetarian diets exist on the market for dogs, not all of them are equivalent in quality. In general, diets that include eggs or dairy as protein sources are less worrisome than diets based only on plant proteins. Home-prepared diets always fare worse as the vast majority of home-cooked meat-based diets dog owners are feeding lack essential nutrients and the vegetarian and vegan ones typically have all the same deficiencies and then some additional ones, such as protein.

When I was working with food processors years ago, I recall a pet food manufacturer bemoaning the trend toward organic and high end pet foods. He said this was gobbling up the supplyof organics for people and also eliminating a market for all those “by-products” from the meat and poultry industry, all those parts humans don’t want to eat, creating more waste.  If we ever get to a plant-based society and all-organic agriculture, those issues might go away; but in the meantime, it’s complicated.

If you have favorite vegan pet food recipes or brands, share your experience here.

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