Monday, October 1, 2018

Globally, who is concerned about climate change, and not

Heres an interesting bit of analysis on a Pew research study. Caring about the climate is tied to democratic values.

Commitment to such democratic principles is a “nearly universal” predictor of concern for climate change around the world, the study finds—except English-speaking Western democracies where “political party has a large impact.” 

The study concludes that attitudes are different in the US because of free-market ideology. This is a classic case of our brains resisting information if we don’t like the implications.

Perhaps the reason totalitarian states tend to deny climate change is that there is a relationship between extractive economies/petro-states and authoritarianism. When a small number of people get wildly rich on a resource, they generally fight to keep the spoils themselves.

I wonder where China fits in this study. They’re investing heavily in clean energy but aren’t fans of unfettered democracy.

Climate Deniers Are More Likely to Hate Democracy - VICE

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