Friday, October 26, 2018

Designing buildings for the wrath of climate change

Addressing climate change requires two different types of actions:

Mitigating the causes by reducing sources of greenhouse gases (fossil fuels, ag practices, etc.)
Adapting to the inevitable consequences of climate change that is already baked in

You probably saw the devastation on Mexico Beach after the hurricane, but you might have also noticed one white house still standing. That was no accident; it was by design. Here’s an article about the architectural decisions that made this house withstand the fury of Nature.

(Side note: my husband and I built our house with integrated concrete forms too. They’re a lot stronger than stick construction, more energy efficient, and at least the product we used is virtually fire and insect proof. The blocks were made from recycled styrofoam so have diverted a lot of plastic that otherwise would have gone to landfill.)

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