Monday, October 22, 2018

Communities considering managed retreat from climate change risks

Let’s face it. If we stick our heads in the sand, soon the only thing above water will be our rear ends! Coastal communities are faced with rising sea levels. Inland, extreme flooding and drought are threats.

Some communities are acknowledging the risks and trying to do something about it BEFORE people die and homes are destroyed. It’s being called a Managed Retreat.

FEMA has bought out properties so people could move but usually that’s been post-disaster. Now it seems some of the disaster relief funding can be used pre-disaster. See this Reuters article link below.

I just hope that this is done with social justice in mind. Alaskan Native villages, for example, have been in desperate need since warming has been much faster in arctic. Are we going to take care of them or just fat-cats in Houston?

One principle I learned in Curitiba, Brazil: move a community together. Maintain the social connections. It will help people heal from the disruption to their lives. This is better than scattering people across the country.

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