Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Things you can do reduce over-tourism

Popular destinations are struggling to deal with the effects of over-tourism which threatens to undermine the quality of life for people who live there and also the visitor experience. Some communities are fighting back, limiting the number of visitors or cruise ships. Sedona is currently working on a sustainable tourism plan, and one of the out-of-control issues is the explosion of AirBnB rentals. 

Renting a room in your home isn’t much different than having a friend visit. And renting out your house when you’re on vacation is almost like you’re still in town to your neighbors. But it disrupts the community when several homes on a street turn over every few days, sometimes to rowdy vacationers. These investor AirBnBs are driving out what otherwise would be workforce housing long-term rentals.

But what can you do personally to reduce over-tourism when you travel? This article has 7 recommendations. And the first is to avoid AirBnB homes owned by investors (vs someone on vacation.)

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