Monday, September 17, 2018

How a clean house makes kids fat

You may have heard that kids raised around animals are less likely to develop asthma. Now it appears cleaning your house, especially with traditional cleaners, can make kids fat by affecting their gut microbiota. Even over use of eco-cleaners, including vinegar, can reduce one type of gut bacteria, although green cleaning products aren’t associated with childhood obesity.

When a child's weight was measured at the age three, children who came into contact with disinfectants the most had higher BMI scores, while those encountering eco-friendly products—including homemade substances using vinegar—saw an inverse trend.
So ease off the disinfectants. For sure, get rid of antibacterial soaps that contribute to antibiotic resistance. And use green cleaning products sparingly. Remember, we have at least as many non-human cells than human cells in our bodies. Sure, there are some bad bacteria around, but many are our friends.

Household Cleaning Products Might Be Making Your Children Fat - Newsweek

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