Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Community health: measurable improvement in only 4 years

So-called BlueZones are areas in the world where people live long and healthy lives. The BlueZones organization has translated these into principles in a book published a number of years ago and they are now partnering with communities to improve their well-being. Fort Worth is one such community which has seen measurable improvements in only 4 years.


Since 2014, Fort Worth has seen incredible well-being improvements:

31 percent decrease in smoking following Blue Zones Project implementation, advocacy, and policy work. Fort Worth’s smoking rate now stands at 13.5 percent.
9-point increase in residents who exercise at least 30 minutes three or more days of the week, now at 62 percent
3.7-point increase in those who say Fort Worth is the perfect place for them, now more than 65 percent
5.6-point increase in those who say they are proud of their community, now at over 69 percent.
More than 58 percent of Fort Worth respondents are now categorized as “thriving” in their general evaluations of their lives, an increase of 7.3 points.
The survey revealed that 75 percent of Fort Worth residents use their strengths daily, an increase of 6.2 points since 2014.

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